Confident Girl Mentoring Program Inc. (CGMP) was founded in 2016 in Buffalo, NY.  Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. is an elite 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that utilizes evidence based interventions to empower and build confidence in young girls 7-19 in New York State. Our mission is to embody developmental strategies and workshops that take students on a journey to self-discovery and development. The program works to promote feelings of self-confidence and self-worth in those who might otherwise feel marginalized while understanding the importance of taking care of the mind body and spirit.

Since its inception, CGMP Inc has reached over 2,500 youth who are often living in or below the poverty level and are often the ones who have some of the greatest needs!  CGMP, Inc has forged strong partnerships with the Buffalo and Niagara Region.  We provide girls with an opportunity to transition into healthy adolescents who can realize their individual potential around critical developmental tasks related to sexuality.


 Our objectives particularly aimed at the families that we serve:

  • To provide youth with career mentors and career exploration programs to enable them to learn about their skills and passions and to define personal career goals.

  • To reduce Teen Pregnancy and increase sexual health decisions in adolescent youth.

  • To reduce negative behaviors such as violence and crime, alcohol and substance abuse, disengagement from school and health-compromising behaviors.

  • Showcase successes of other women.

  • Conduct outreach and engage in inner-beauty workshops.

  • Increase the health and wellness of adolescents or transition-aged youth.

  • Guide the youth on how to appreciate and embrace their unique beauty, inside and out.