Confident Girl Mentoring (CGMP) is a nonprofit organization based in Buffalo, NY. CGMP's mission is to foster a thriving culture where girls can build self-esteem and confidence through self-discovery. We achieve our mission through our evidence-based five-point mentoring system that explores the commonalities and differences to nurture and empower marginalized girls across Western New York ages 7-19 to put self-love into action. CGMP provides a variety of empowerment workshops that work to correct racial and gender inequalities, moving girls from at-risk to at-promise.


GEN STEM Mentoring Project

The GEN-STEM Mentoring Project is a teen-led initiative that incorporates the benefits and concepts of mentorship and STEM learning with the theme of excellence in learning. The two-phase project will create a safe space that expands youth life skills – teaching goal setting, cultural competence, sexual and emotional health, and expand participants' knowledge of STEM professions, trades, college pathways, including soft skill development, career exploration, job readiness, and financial literacy.


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Signature programs are designed for Schools, Community Centers, and Faith-Based Communities

1. Advocacy

Goal linked partnerships and interventions to improve teen related issues of dating violence and teen pregnancy.

4. Leadership

Two- phase developmental program directed towards goal-setting, health and wellness training, career objectives and leadership coaching.

2. Coaching

Confidence training experience that will develop inner strength, rejuvenate mind & spirit, increase self-love and personal values.

5. Social Emotional

Designed to reduce symptoms of PTSD, depression, and behavioral problems, and to improve grades self-esteem and coping skills.

3. Guidance

'Key"note speakers provide topics or workshops that promote confidence, mind-body balance, educational and enriching seminars